Multi-Language App :

Android support multi-language in application for different country peoples languages like  Hindi, English , French etc.If you want to go for globally successfully android application then your application should be support Multi-Languages. In This tutorial we are explaining how you can create multi-language app.

How to Multi-Language Supported Android Application?

1.Create new project in Android Studio (for creating new android project follow this tutorial …Android Studio First Application)

2.Now Create new Values folder for different languages. app-> src-> main-> res (right click on res and create folders ..values-fr and values-hi.

Multi-Language Supported Android Application

3. Create strings.xml inside values-fr Folder and add this code.

4. Create strings.xml inside values-hi Folder and add this code.

5. Add following string in default values->strings.xml

6. Open layout file activity_main.xml (res->layout -> activity_main.xml) and add this code.


7. Now last step do code in (src->packagename->

Output : Multi-Language Supported Android Application

Multi-Language Supported Android Application

Download Source Code :

Official android document

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